Thursday, 8 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #8

So these are my finds from last Sunday's car boot sale, one fantastically kitsch Santa plate £2 and a full set of cookie cutters for making festive type pies (the good sort of festive pies not the McDonalds festive pie) £1 bargain!  Now Friday night is the office Christmas party, there is talk going around the office that things should wrap up around 6am (gulp).  I thought as part of my recovery plan on Saturday I would make mini apple pies (MozzyMr doesn't like mince pies, sigh) and mini jam pasties for Sam's business partner who asks for them on a regular basis (along with banana bread) with the perfect set of pasty/cookie cutters!


  1. Mince Pies are over rated anyway (do not like them either). I will take som Jam Pasties please :)

  2. I shall see what I can rustle up for you!


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