Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year Resolutions

2011 was an amazing year I got married, got a promotion at work and met some amazing people.  But it has also been very stressful, and I know that a number of people in my life have, and are currently dealing with some of life's big issues.

So as I look to 2012 I wanted to make changes that were sustainable, positive and enjoyable, not the usual 'lose weight', 'drink less', 'quit smoking' etc.  I aim to live in the moment more, not to always be looking to the next thing and appreciate what I have.

So firstly, draw, draw, draw everything and anything.

Don't take work home with me, I really need to learn how to switch off my work brain!

Keep making, crafting, and baking.  This is a blanket I'm currently working on for my mum:

Wear more colour!  This year I have been wearing a lot of grey and black, I have absolutely no idea why I used to wear a lot of colour, so to get myself back on track £12 got me these fab pair of yellow shoes I've damaged them in the rain already but I think they look better for it.

So I hope you all have a fantastic New Year *raises glass of champagne in your direction*


  1. Cheers to you two, my dears. I hope 2012 is all you want it to be and fabulously happy.
    Big mmmwah and hugs x X x

  2. Hi Anna, Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your message re This'n'That. make a note in your diary that our next fair in Totnes Civic hall will be on Sat March 31st. So please come along for your This'n'That fix!!
    Love Lesley XX


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