Wednesday, 31 August 2011

In praise of the colour green!

MozzyMr and I regularly fall into that horrible weekend trap of doing chores and not a lot else so have decided to take days out as often as possible.  Whilst in Cornwall on our honeymoon mini-break we visited Portreath Bee Centre, which in equal measure is awesome and rubbish, and this bank holiday Monday we visited Lydford Gorge with the idea of getting some fresh air and nature goodness.

I channeled my inner billy goat and swallowed the fear as we sidled along slim rock paths whilst clinging onto a flimsy rail in an attempt not to fall into the angry torrent of a river just inches from our feet, we marvelled at the terrifying noise of the 'Devil's Cauldron' and of course bought and ate fudge.  No one told me a National Trust day out would be like this??

Next on the day out agenda: Pack O'Cards, Coombe Martin.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Holiday Projects cont.

The yo-yo project is ongoing, in fact a touch endless so I thought I would share a project I started for the wedding and has been used non-stop since:

I started making this blanket to go with my Habitat Exmouth Cushion (sorry I thought I had a picture of it but don't and I'm not near my sofa to snap it, sadly).  Catface as you can see spends most of her time snuggled into the blanket, and if she isn't I am.  MozzyMr doesn't get much of a look in!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Fuzzy felt fabulous!

I found a Fuzzy Felt zoo set at the car boot sale the other day, I never had such ace Fuzzy Felt when I was little, mine were all squares and triangles, perhaps the odd person but never a cheetah:

or zebra:

or tiger:

I am beginning to think that by the end of Mozzy Mr and my life our house is going to become something akin to the Pitt Rivers museum essentially a vast collection of stuff, sometimes organised into little groups but more often than not just left on the side.  But always interesting to look at and certain to put a smile on your face, so that's got to be a good thing.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone hope the rain doesn't fall on you!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Walk Home #1

Sometimes in my hurry to get home I shove my headphones on and seem to go into autopilot until my key is in the door.  On other occasions there is just so much to see, which is why I have started carrying my rubbish but lightweight and small camera with me. 

This was my journey from desk to door....

Desk: Lego Minifigures are becoming an obsession, and I have just discovered that there are others in the office that share this obsession, these people vindicate my love of Lego Minifigures.

The weirdest, but most impressive spider's web I have ever seen.  It was so strange I did think someone had covered the bush in that fake web stuff you can buy during the Halloween season.  But why would anyone bother?  Also from the immaculate nature of the front garden this bush was in it's highly unlikely they would want to ruin the National Trust look they seem to be aiming for.

Great graffiti.  This picture is part of a community project setup by the Council and put into practice by a friend of ours, local secondary school children were asked to design a robot or alien and the designs were then sprayed onto the walls of pedestrian subway.  The subway in question would always have really boring, and unfortunately sometimes racist graffiti, this project seems to have put a stop to it because so far few have tried to go over the images.

And finally... through the door, and strange food awaiting.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Little Pigga

This is Pigga (formal name Ella), she's the best cat since sliced bread, and as you can see puts up with an awful lot from us.  She's getting old  these days, a bit slower on her pins, tiny bit grumpier, less up for jumping and playing but she really does make my Friday night and that's why I'm devoting a post to her.  By Friday I am normally absolutely shattered, MozzyMr and I usually slump in front of the telly and catch-up on DVDs or programmes we've missed during the week (University Challenge for Mr, The Good Wife or Law and Order UK for me), little Pigga will sidle up and have a cuddle, and that has just got to be one of the best things.  Therefore it is with much anticipation that I am  awaiting 5.15pm so I can see the little beast.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy Shepherd Hut Holiday Postcard

Mozzy Mr and I didn't go on a honeymoon, we're saving up for a deposit on a house (ahh the eternal struggle, right?) so instead decided to spend a couple nights in a shepherd's hut in Cornwall (specifically Moyles Farm near Wadebridge).  It was great.  The only tiny niggle was that we were surrounded by a large family of Bentley and Land Rover driving Tarquin's and Felix's who found us 'worker types' most interesting.  You can't have everything I suppose!

Our small, but perfectly formed home:

The all important supplies:

Juliet moment?

The beautiful Port Isaac, where scrumpy flavoured rock, vanilla fudge, flip flops, pasties, postcards, and gifts were purchased:

King Arthur's Stone (apparently) found in the Arthurian Legend centre, imagine: tin-roofed shed with amateur paintings of knights, mead, an enthusiastic sign maker with a laminate machine and procession of bored teenagers, that my friends equals an awesome day out:

Yo-yo blanket project didn't even get a look in, there was a pool table, and there was cider.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday projects

As much as I truly loved crafting things for our wedding come the end I dreamt of projects that were totally wedding free.  So here is the beginning of project one of two that I am working on, a yo-yo blanket inspired endeavour (thinking placemats and coasters?) and the beauty of this project is that I can transport it with me whether I choose to roam. 

The fabric as ever is from Fabricworm.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The drunk ramblings of friends...

"Anna - you make the most beautiful bride and Sam, you are a lucky fellon"

"I actually factually love the both of you [...] Portland Street Soulies Rule!"

"Sunflowers, marriage and wonderful news,
A dress magnifique with mustard shoes,
Cupcakes and crochet, camping delight,
To see you together it's clear that it's right,
Wishing you love and a future that's joint,
Seeing your union somes up the 'point'"

"Hey Dudes! What a lovely day!  Thanks so much for the Widecombe badge, I've waited along time for one of those!"

"You bloody Gems! What a lovely vibe, entirely what it should be about!"

"To Auntie Anna, thank you for the tractor ride"

"Best wishes and lovely horses"

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Holiday Postcards

This week we have mostly been enjoying beaches with little people:

Weird rain showers on a hot sunny beach:

And flowers, lots and lots of flowers:

I have also been playing around with new headers for my blog with thanks to A Thrifty Mrs for the tutorial, not sure this is the one I will settle for but at least it's no longer a blogger standard template.  Watch this space...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Wedding Day

After a year of planning, our wedding day finally arrived, the weather was good, things were casual, friends and family mingled......

..... the kids had their own dressing up yurt:

..... confetti bags were distributed:

..... we had a Portland Street reunion:

...Squeezes from family:

.... musical interludes from friends:

.... and some overindulgence:

What can I say?  Accept thank you to our family and friends for helping out and making the day as casual and fun as we wanted it to be, thank you to West Town Farm for an amazing location to celebrate, lovely smiley staff, gorgeous food and patience, thank you to our friends who came to the ceremony and lunchtime do, for mingling with strangers and making new friends, for showing our family exactly why we love you, thank you to my lovely bridesmaids for dancing like loons, and twirling for England, thank you to my mum for her tireless scouting of enamelware jugs, cake stands and for creating amazing floral displays, thank you to Colette for bringing to life my perfect wedding dress, thank you to Mary for knitting and crocheting some amazing flowers which just went down a storm, thank you to Lynne for fixing banners, making napkin rings and bringing a smile to the stressful preparations and thank you to my new husband for keeping me sane and for not judging my bourbon biscuit habit too harshly.
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