Sunday, 29 September 2013


In preparation for returning to work tomorrow (clearing my head, getting some exercise you know that sort of stuff) MozzyMr and I went for a couple of woodland walks taking photos of the masses and masses of mushrooms popping up.  (Love autumn for that.)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Reflecting upon the simple pleasures in life

These last couple of weeks have been odd, I have been exhausted and fed up and bored and I have had a lot of time to think.  Sadly I often focus on the negative and I make situations so much worse in my head simply by over analysing things.  As I begin to feel better I begin to focus on the little things in life that amuse, entertain and make me feel better.  Here is a list of the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy...

  1. A cool gin and tonic on a warm day
  2. Good company
  3. The end slice of a homemade loaf fresh from the breadmaker
  4. Finding treasure at a car boot sale or charity shop
  5. Making artwork that you think is alright
  6. Pubs by rivers
  7. Ferns, they are my new obsession
  8. Borlotti beans, dried on the plant and removed from the pod to store for winter
  9. Homemade pizza
  10. Travel, before this year I hated flying but I have been lucky enough to fly to Dublin, Bergerac, and Istanbul this year and I've loved the whole process of travelling
  11. Coffee, first thing on a Saturday morning
  12. Mewster.  She is very tactile and will climb up your leg and say hello to you every time you pass.  This time last year she hated being picked up but now she loves a little cuddle
  13. Laura from the allotment, Ruth (Nintendo DS) and Charlotte of Waterstones fame
  14. Taking a photograph you're proud of
  15. Saving money on the weekly shop and making savings in general
  16. Losing weight 
  17. Banter 
  18. Driving on a sunny day
  19. Vacuuming, yeeeah that one sounds weird but I do love how the house looks when you've just hoovered 
  20. Netflix, oh my days I have been missing out on so much!

So that's my list, what would you have on yours?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Keeping an easily bored ill person entertained

Over the past two weeks I have left the house three times for no longer than half an hour each time.  I am easily bored and have really struggled to keep myself entertained.  Thankfully I've discovered the joys of compiling ETSY treasuries, here are a couple of examples of what I've been up to...


'Kitschy Kitsch Kitsch!' by vivazephyr

Yep kitsch items that make you involuntarily squeee with happiness!

Vintage New Jersey Postcard,...

Vintage Retro Kitsch 60'...

Kitsch Vintage Tin With Pret...

Vintage oil painting - kitsc...

Vintage London Map - The Und...

Retro Red Metal Tray, Vintag...

Very kitsch bright bluebird ...


Vintage 70's / 60's ...

Fish in a Bag Necklace Glass...

two cute and kitsch vintage ...

Vintage Fruit Tin Kitsch Ret...

Vintage 80s Small Kitsch Pas...

Vintage Parrot Salt and Pepp...

Vintage 1991 Rustic Kitsch S...

Kitsch and Quirky Ceramic Br...

'Normaloid Defence List' by vivazephyr

Work, Eat, Sleep. Bit boring. Hopefully these lovely items will breakthrough that normaloid existence.

Fuck It Neon Screen Print

Neon Pink Slingshot

Playmobil's box

Petite Painting, Bright and ...

Nashville Vernacular Print: ...

Large Neon See through Zippe...

I Fancy You - illustrated Fr...

Neon Green 80s NEWPORT T-Shi...

80s Vintage T-Shirt / Vintag...

Chunky lime and blue two str...

Black dog necklace

80 NO PICKLE stickers for no...

10 Neon Yellow Paper Doily S...

Deer Bust Neon String Art

Business Card Holder - Credi...

vintage Adult & Childs HAMST...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


This post is shameless, buuut sod it here I go!  Look at these postcards, seriously how awesome are these amazing scraps of cardboard?  I have collected many vintage postcards over the years, in particular technicolor style postcards for the artwork I produced during my degree.  But as mentioned in my Monday post; Broken it is time for a change.  The doctor has signed me off work for another week with strict instructions to rest up, I haven't left the house much (one trip to the shop which is a five minute walk from my home, this epic trip necessitated a two hour nap to recover) so have been clearing out the stuff we no longer use and have been listing it all on ETSY (*cough cough* if you're interested you can find our stash here).  It is proving to be very cathartic. 

Right I need to go lie down and have a nap.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013


So last week I was signed off work, I have had cold-like symptoms for five weeks (yeah, five weeks).  Thinking no one could have a cold for five weeks I kept a food diary, washed everything that I could (rugs, sofa covers, cushions, curtains, bedlinen, towels, cleaning cloths literally everything) and dusted every nook and cranny in the house thinking it might be an allergy, hell I was away from the country for a week and the symptoms persisted.  It's not an allergy I'm certain, the doctor thinks it's sinusitis and has given me a course of antibiotics, but they don't seem to be shifting it either and I am heading for week six of this nonsense. I think I might be a bit broken?  

Everyone thinks they are the most stressed person in the world ever and you can never judge what anyone else is truly feeling as you only have your own narrow field of experience, but things have been pretty stressful.  Everyone I come across seems drawn and hollow looking, if it isn't work stress, money stress, family stress it's too many emails, not enough vitamins, not enough sun, winter is coming etc etc.

Well for me it's time for a change, that means applying for stalls at local craft fairs, getting all those things that I keep meaning to put on ETSY up on ETSY, it means going to the studio and doing artwork, it means working on creating my first ever zine, it means going for a walk along the beaches that are so close to my home, it means drinking less, exercising more, not checking emails in the evening and just trying to put work stress out of my mind when I walk through the door.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Storm brewing

These were taken last Saturday when a storm was brewing over the allotment, nice and dramatic :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Istanbul: cats!

Cats!  Istanbul is full to the brim with cats!  I loved it, and made friends with a number of them, I chose not to notice the eye-rolling going on from colleagues Iain and Mike as I ahhhh'd at every single cat I saw.  A cat rummaging in the bin!  How cute!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Istanbul: the details

// Bela brushing up on her Turkish phrases as we drive from the airport to the hotel // Mountain of meat, our meal on the first night, I ate more meat during this trip than I have in the last month // Tourism police... interesting.  // I hate to sound like an art student here but the light in Istanbul was beautiful and made everything so vibrant //

// 32 degrees celsius almost everyday, that last week of summer was just lush // I used to study diagrams as part of my degree and have never seen diagrams as awesome as these on the tram to Taksim Square // Bollards painted to look like ladybirds, awesome. // A jeton, one jeton per journey on the trams and other public transport, one jeton = £1 //
// Kitsch art! // Security around the city is intense, there are security cameras everywhere, bags are x-rayed when you enter almost every building and there was a metal detector gate into our hotel. // Medusa City Hotel... interesting // This photograph doesn't show this graffiti very well, at the top of this building cans of coloured paint were emptied down the side, I loved it! // 

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