Thursday, 15 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #15

So, the first photo is of a craft project I have actually finished *gasp*, yes no one is as surprised as me, but there you go.  The petrol blue wool was from a car boot sale, £1 for five balls, and the yellow was some left over from another project, so all in £1, ace!

The second photo I'm not proud of, but with some of my friends needs must.


  1. a finished project - woohoo!

    How are the yo-yo's coming on?... or shouldn't I ask.

    Also thinking you've been too stingy with the yellow on the scarf - too cheeky? - slap me if you like ;)

  2. Know I think you're right! But part of me just can't be bothered to redo it!

    Ps, we do not speak of the yo-yos...


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