Friday, 9 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #9

On the 9th day of advent my true love gave to me a ferret. 
So last night I went for a swift pint after work, whilst there I received a text from MozzyMr to say 'the ferret had been removed from the house but it still stank', to which my response was very much along the "yes dear" line.  I get home to be told we'd had a rouge ferret visitor in our kitchen, he'd escaped from across the road and decided behind our fridge was a good place to hang out, you know with the dust and stuff.  So he was swiftly housed in the cat carrier and Mozzy did a door to door search for anyone who might have lost a ferret.  Apparently ferret is safely home and happy about it.

Catface was suitably unimpressed.

So that was exciting, tonight is our office Christmas party.  See you on the other side!

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