Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #21

The Big Shop.

I love/hate the Big Shop.  I love the slightly decadent feeling of buying treats and just slinging stuff into the trolley, but hate the nervous feeling of having no idea how much it would come at the till.  Or at least that's what we use to do each year but as I'm sure you don't need me to tell you things are hard these days.  Especially as our wages aren't going as far and we're trying to save up for a deposit on a house.  So a shop that would normally take us 45 mins took an hour and a half as we compared offers, weighed and calculated how much our fruit a veg was going to cost and added things up as we went along.  We a handful of vouchers and some fairly savy offer shopping we got our bill down from £104 to £82 and that included a lot of alcohol and some CDs.  Happy with that, now must stop ourselves snacking before the big day *slaps hand away reaching for the Quality Street*.

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