Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Cat on the Block

This is the new cat on the block.  She doesn't have a name yet despite MozzyMr pushing hard to call her "Supertube" (yeah I know, I don't really get it either).  This little beasty was abandoned, how could anyone not love those big eyes?  My colleague found her wandering about looking like she could do with a good meal and a cuddle.  She had no identichip or collar so after a couple of weeks, lots of posters, the vets across the region being informed and trying to find the owner, notices on the Cat Protection and RSPCA websites no one came forward to claim her.  

The vet she was taken to was the vet I had little pigga registered at and so my colleague and the vets thought  that we might like to home her.  Part of me thinks it might be a bit soon after we lost Pigga, but equally I'm a sucker for a sob story and after 48 hours of having her home it has been great to have a mewster buddy to hang out with.  She's taken a real shine to MozzyMr but I hoping a bit of ham bribery might re-address the balance a little?  

So the things I love about her so far?  Her white fur around her mouth at certain angles looks like a hipster moustache, her paws have a mixture of pink and black pads no two paws are the same, her meow sounds like an 80's phone and she's confident; from the moment she stepped out of the cat carrier she was off exploring, no running under the bed and hiding for this one.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Allotment Geekery

At last!  Tomatoes and daft shaped ones at that!  The odd shaped ones pictured to the left are the Black Krim variety but we have plum, cherry, and money-maker varieties on the go as well.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Giving This Pinterest Lark a Try

Tutorial from Purl Bee

I originally found this tutorial on Pinterest, so I'm counting this as one of my Normaloid Defence List projects.  I wanted to go down the neon route because as I've mentioned before on this little blog I love neon but the thread frayed and was generally rubbish, when I moved across to the cotton mix thread the results were much better:

Attempts 1 - 3 above, and attempt 4 below, I'm happy with how they're turning out now and might even have a go at making some for a couple of friends....

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Oh The Delicious Horror!

Yes I know, they're awful.  But if you have followed this blog for any length of time you will know that I have a high, high, high tolerance of awful kitsch.  (I love them.)  We went to the car boot sale today for the first time in months and I came home with a pile o'crap including these fabulous angel decorations.

Summer car boot sales are the best, here's hoping the weather holds for my holiday...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A British Summer, Pac-a-Mac And All

We went to Exmouth today to visit the Crikey it's Vintage fair (more of that later) and stayed to enjoy the rain, clouds and plentiful available parking (unheard of in July especially right on the seafront).

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Allotment Geekery

There was an Open Day at the allotment this weekend, it was supposed to be on Saturday but with Red Warnings for floods and already sodden ground it was postponed until Sunday.  There were a number of activities including a quiz, and as it turns out I got 100% in the quiz and won a bottle of wine!  Laura and I then worked on getting sloshed so the rest of the photos aren't the best quality, sorry about that.

The big job of the day was thinning out the leeks, if the packet says sew thinly you don't just chuck the whole pack in and hope for the best cos the little buggers grow.  Each leek has to be dropped into a hole and then watered, you don't fill with soil because they need room to fill the space.  I anticipate hating leeks by the end of the year having so many, but I've never grown them before so at this stage I'm still excited.  

The tomatoes are still growing but none of them are turning red, am I just being impatient?  Luckily though the courgettes are finally coming along quite nicely, the yellow variety are a winner and so sweet, definitely growing them again.

And finally there were several little bunches of flowers being sold, with everything from rosemary to sweetpeas in each bunch, they smell amazing and give me a good excuse to get my ice cream cone vase out.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crikey It's All So Normal These Days.

Crikey.  Ever since, well after the wedding last year life has been, frankly dull.

I appreciate we're all going through the daily grind of getting up, going to work, coming home, doing the chores, eating, sleeping and repeating the whole process again and probably I shouldn't be complaining.  I have a job when others are struggling to get one, I have a lovely husband who has an ace moustache, and I'm lucky enough to have some acebag family and friends in my life, but crikey it's all so normal isn't it?

Here I have compiled a list of things to do over the next 6 months to perk things up a bit, feel free to comment or make suggestions!

  1. Make one significant and productive (i.e. more than an hour and not just a tidying up) visit to the studio per week.
  2. Get my ETSY business back up and running, one customer comment was "this is the best purchase I have ever made on ETSY" and I let my little online shop slide?  Crazy.
  3. Do a giveaway on my blog, you lot read my nonsense I really should reward you for that.
  4. Go on a daytrip once a month.  I need to rack up some more of those Middle-Age Postcards!
  5. Give at least one of my Pinterest projects a try (yeah we've all said that, right?).  If you're not already reading Pintester then you really should be, a blog about messing up the projects found on Pinterest, this will be me, I will provide photographic evidence of the disaster...
  6. Re-design my blog.
  7. Cook up a storm, or at least try one new recipe a month.  I am the weirdest cook on the planet, if it can all be boiled up in one pot in less than 20 mins that is a win in my book, things need to change!
  8. Adopt a rescue cat.  I miss Pigga, and I miss having a cat, and MozzyMr is concerned that when I'm left in the house on my own I will lure all the neighbourhood cats into our living room where I will make them have a tea party.
  9. Celebrate my 31st Birthday in style or if not in style at least with fun!
  10. Complete a charity event.
Perhaps not the most inspiring or crazy list ever but if it stops me being BORED that's all I ask for.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Allotment Geekery

Almost a month away from the allotment and the weeds are beyond a joke, on Saturday we spent three hours there.  Whilst MozzyMr was in the polytunnel tending to his tomatoes (seriously this is a preview of what he's going to be like as an old man, he'll be talking to those plants soon) I dug up two heaped wheelbarrows full of weeds and I still have half a plot to go!  To top it off because of the cool, damp weather the veg isn't really doing much, we're getting one or two courgettes but they're no thicker than your index finger, the peas have perked up a bit, and of course we have an abundance of tomatoes to come but they're still green, it has been weeks I was hoping for at least one to be ready by now, meh.

The lavender is doing well and I've let three of our spring onions go to flower because I love how they look.  Following such a hectic June we're not planning on doing much at all this July so it'll be lots of time on the allotment and hopefully some trips to the studio as well...

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