Thursday, 22 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #22

Now, I don't know what photographic delights I thought I would produce with a small point and shoot camera, on a dark, rainy day in Totnes but these photos perhaps weren't quite what I had imagined.  They do in some small way show how lovely the late night shopping in Totnes was though.

Lots of amazing stalls and food to be had, a Lemon Jelli coffee trunk (t'aime).

Compulsory mulled wine was consumed, nom.

When we were beginning to get cold and tired we reached the top of town, turned a corner and found warming fires, funky tunes, and more stalls! 

(Apologies for the blurry photo) but you get some idea of how Christmassy it was!

But this was perhaps find of the night.  A veggie corn dog!  MozzyMr has lusted over a 'proper' veggie corn dog for years so when I found a stall selling them I had to get him one.  Transported home in a paper bag which very quickly turned transparent due to the amount of grease oozing from this battered delight, MozzyMr seemed happy with his corn dog.  I don't think indigestion was part of his corn dog eating fantasy but you can't have everything I suppose?

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