Saturday, 17 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #17

Well look what my mum made for me!  She dropped it off when I was at work, which when arrived home caused some confusion seeing it hung up I thought I'd got the wrong house and had to take a look around me to check I wasn't about to attempt a break in to one of the neighbours houses.

So here I am, day one of my holiday and the social whirlwind that is this week is about to kick off.  This afternoon: DVDs and cider with my brother, tomorrow: drinks with ex-Habitat colleague Bekah, Monday: lunch with Ruthie, Tuesday: lunch and late night shopping with Mum, Wednesday: lunch with ex-International Office colleague followed by dinner with Stoat, Thursday: lunch and lego with friend from work, then Friday: lunch with a friend followed by Birthday drinks for lovely Birthday girl CJ.  Can't wait to see each and everyone of ya.

*Slumps back on sofa*

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