Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Big Knit

Tad late with this post, new job is crazy busy and I tend to come home slump on the sofa and not do anything of note so haven't had much to blog about to be honest.

Anyway, thought I would show you these:

I made them for the big knit, if you haven't seen the big knit campaign before, in November Innocent Smoothies adorn their smoothie bottles with these hats and a proportion of the money taken from the smoothies sold goes to Age UK.  Last year I could only manage plain hats, this year stripey, next year fruit designs?

Right off for an amble on the beach to celebrate a friend's Birthday then on to a firework display with folk from work, have a nice weekend!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Micro Harvest Festival

Yep, we got pumpkins.  Got so many of them we have one each to carve, two each to eat, and another three on the way, the kitchen looks like a micro harvest festival.  Thankfully my lovely friend Kathy Swan gave me the River Cottage Veg Everyday recipe book for my Birthday so I can't wait to tackle some of the dishes. 

The last of the sunflowers we grew for our wedding have flowered and gone to seed, we had one large trug full of seeds, many went to friends and family and the rest have been feeding the birds.  I'm all about getting animals to our allotment that eat slugs and snails, as much as I don't like frogs I don't like slugs more so was happy when Laura (who we share a plot with) lifted the rhubarb and discovered Brian:

Cue Marsha from Spaced style "Hello Brian" every time he ventures out.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lucky Girl

So this week I turned thirty.  It is an understatement indeed to say I wasn't happy about it, there were tears, there was grumpiness, there was moping about, but equally there were craft projects, there was a Mario Kart themed party and there was cider.

Nice surprises from family:

Last minute but very great Mario Kart themed costumes:

(Back row): Shy Guy, Toad, Bullet Bill
(Front row): Waluigi, Birdo, Princess Peach

Luigi cake:

and then came the tidy up *sigh*:

So after all the moodiness what has turning thirty meant? (Lets bullet point!):

  • An excuse to be daft, who doesn't love crafting silly costumes out of paper mache?
  • An excuse to eat cake for breakfast
  • An opportunity to be spoilt
  • I can pretend to be wiser (strokes chin and looks thoughtfully out of the window)
  • I can handle my drink better than when I was younger (clearing up after Mario party is a testament to the fact that my friends can too)
  • I can own a shopping trolley, I can take it around a car boot sale with me and I don't care, weeeeee!
Big thanks to everyone who made my birthday great x

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