Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Alternative Advent Calendar #7

Thought you might be a little bored of Christmas tree related posts, so here is another photo taken by my brother using a long exposure and a torch.  He's much better at photography than I am, he takes an interest in the mechanics and processes whereas I am much more about the point, shoot and hope it looks vaguely respectable.  Hoping to get a 50mm fixed lens after Christmas to improve the quality of my photos currently I just have the standard lens that comes with the camera and as good as it is it's quite limiting.

In other news, getting quite excited about the fast approaching holidays (only 7 working days to go!) already the week before Christmas is booking up; lunch with the lovely Ruthie, late night shopping at the hippiest place on earth (Totnes) with my mum and Wagamama followed by playing with Lego (no I'm 3 not 30 if you're asking).


  1. you can never be too old to play with lego. when i grow up i'm going to have a box filled with lego pieces ready and waiting to be played with in my house. did you see the lego Christmas tree at St Pancras station?? x

  2. NO! Gasp! I heart lego far too much :)


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