Sunday, 4 December 2011

Alternatve Advent Calendar #4

From tinsel Christmas trees to real ones.  Yesterday we visited the Christmas tree farm in Halden forest to get our lovely tree.  It's a week earlier than I would normally put our tree up but I was feeling in need of little festive cheer after yet another hectic week at work so thought I would dig out the vintage baubles (stored in a box labelled 'my precious') and get on with the serious business of decorating the house.  MozzyMr is not a fan of Christmas and finds the putting up of the tree stressful so goes upstairs and plays Advanced Wars on his DS, I made him an advent calendar this year which seems to be easing the festive woe.  Today we will be putting the allotment to bed for the winter.


  1. I'd love a real tree this year :( I'm going to the loft to dig out the dec's today :) x

  2. Hooray! Our house is now tat-tastic!

  3. Lucky you, we're getting ours this weekend (a week earlier than usual) can't wait!!

  4. I know! I usually put ours up on the second weekend of December but had a loooong week at work so thought I would treat myself :)


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