Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pesky rib

As I am sure you are well aware by now 'the cold' has been dragging on for some time now (8 weeks) I had reached the coughing and hacking stage (my fave) when *pop* the rib that was already causing me loads of trouble felt like it shifted mid cough.  Now I'm not even sure that can physically happen but that is how it felt, immediately afterwards I couldn't move for pain down my side.  Hobbling around hunched over and looking like an old lady is so where I am at right now. 

To say I am fed up with this state of affairs is understating things somewhat, especially as I find myself in bed, immobile and bored once again.  This is a whinge with no real purpose, I just have to suck it up, rest and wait for things to improve, but seriously, gah.


  1. Is there anything you need? If you want some company any time just let me know xxx

  2. oh Anna, it's getting silly now isn't it? What has the doctor said? Hope you feel better soon xx

  3. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but many many people actually break their ribs if they have forceful or prolonged coughing. If it keeps hurting or hurts to breathe or take deep breathes you may want to get it checked....


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