Sunday, 13 October 2013

Allotment geekery

It has been a good year on the allotment and we're pleased with what we have managed to grow. There is definitely room for improvement, next year we are going for volume especially with broad beans, carrots and parsnips, but that is next year.  In the past month or so MozzyMr and I have been working hard to preserve as much as possible because last year too many tomatoes and beetroots went to waste.

Preserving beetroots is easy if a little time consuming.  MozzyMr and I aren't mega fans of pickled beetroot so we went down the boil and freeze route.  Boil the beetroots in slightly salted water for two hours (!) once done dunk in iced water and rub the skins off (love this bit, huh huh huh huh so satisfying).  Once properly cooled dice or slice, bag up and freeze.

As you know we have been making a lot of tomato sauce, which is lovely but can be a bit samey. This time we roasted our tomatoes with garlic (home-grown of course), a bag of the frozen beetroot and dried oregano.  Once wazzed up the sauce was a beautiful raspberry red, and once sieved it was super smooth I can't wait to use it as a pizza sauce.

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