Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Earlier in the month Lovely Indeed posted about ten scary things which I loved because I've been thinking about scary things a lot this year.  Happily this year I have overcome one of my fears; flying!  I would work myself into a right old lather about getting on a plane but now I can't wait until my next flight.

Here are 10 things that make me say 'eeep!'

  1. When we move into a new house for the first few weeks I get really paranoid about fires and escape routes.  I will dream about the house being on fire and will have to get out of bed to check.  This all sounds very dramatic but as soon as I have my escape routes planned out I'm fine.  When I told our friend Ian about it he thought about it for a second and declared that no he wasn't bothered about fires but would worry more about the house being haunted.  Love it!
  2. Slugs.  For someone who owns an allotment this is a bit of a weird one but they make me jump every time I see one.  I'm getting used to them but I will never like them.
  3. Never achieving an art career.  Can't keep putting that one off...
  4. Family or friends dying.  But that's a given right?
  5. Getting food poisoning.  I am so paranoid about this one because I am super vomit phobic, I can't even see it on tv.  I pick over food and rarely cook meat myself, fish has to be cooked to within an inch of its life before I will eat it.
  6. Beaches at night, they're just creepy.... at night.
  7. MozzyMr being knocked off his bike, I sneak reflectors onto his bike when he's not looking (he doesn't think it looks cool) I also try to buy him fluorescent jackets and arm bands etc.
  8. Horror films, why why why do people enjoy being scared like that???  Give me a whimsical film any time (I know how wussy that sounds).
  9. Mould.  I have put this on the list and taken it off several times because I know how rubbish it is to not like mould.  Seriously though wtf mould?  It is dirty and pointless and can make you ill and represents all things off and decaying.  Nah keep it.
  10. Mega crowds and not being able to get out of them.  I love going to London and other large cities but have a limit on crowd time, after a while I have to escape and have quiet time. Ugh.

Well that's me, how about you?  Have a Happy Halloween everyone :)

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  1. Some good ones there. I'm with you on scary films, I used to watch them when I was about 14 but now I hate them….. give me a nice musical any day! I have panic attacks on planes so haven't flown for about 5 years, weird as I used to fly loads & never had a problem. I also hate crowds, I went to a large concert once & hated it because I felt trapped! I'm sure there's more if I thought about it! Happy Halloween :) xx


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