Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life lately

1 and 2. This beast is such a sweetheart, little Mewster is such an awesome little cat to live with!
3. Digging out old treasures to sell on ETSY, I am a hoarder and I didn't know :/
4, 5 and 6. I am loving watching autumn roll in.
7. Sat on Falmouth Quay eating a pasty and drinking a ginger beer with this baby seagull as my chum.
8. Actually enjoying the heavy rain we've been having, is that weird?  I just think it's pretty.
9. Preparing for tomorrows strike action, more info here

10 and 11. Attending Ruthie's hen do, with Big Lebowski  dress up, bowling and a butler in the buff.
12. Celebrating my Birthday, hazaar!  My lovely colleague decorated my desk with balloons and confetti!
13. Birthday messages from little kids = awesome!
14. Birthday prize: a new pet portrait to add to the collection, this one is actually very good.
15. Birthday celebrations... raspberry gin, delicious, many shots were consumed, surprisingly no hangover!
16. Hanging out in London with this pair, MozzyMr and my brother.
17 and 18. Opposite the studio where we saw The Drowned Man and the mask worn during the production, little did I know when I took this that I was about to be come obsessed with that play and promptly book two more visits.

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