Friday, 6 September 2013

Life lately

Disneyland of course!! // the best souvenir from Paris, a fish stapler, awww yeah // whilst exploring Paris we spotted this little fella in his nest, "He's so fluffy!" // MozzyMr: photographer extraordinaire! // foliage that caught my eye // sunflowers from MoMa cheering the place up // French bee and bug hotel // tomato sauce production is now in full swing we should have supplies to see us through winter // Grrrrr (or yawn) 

Writing a blog, it seemed inevitable that I would have to take a selfie in a bathroom at some point it might as well be now*eye roll* // my lovely fern which is affectionately referred to as the muppet plant // we've been experiencing some amazing sunsets around these parts recently, of course photos never do them justice but I like to capture them anyway! // foraging! // blackberries for our bramble jelly // feed me feed me feed me says cat.  Vet says she's getting tubby and needs to go on the diet food // a lovely amber necklace that my father-in-law gave me recently, I've barely taken it off since, I love it! // a friendly and very tame racing pigeon has taken to hanging out on campus recently, he joins us for coffee and just sits nearby enjoying the sunshine // cat slippers and blankets have become my new Friday night favourite, wow life has changed recently!

MozzyMr's bike finally broke (the forks snapped off the main frame, thankfully Moz wasn't riding it at the time or he may have had a very mangled face.  We went to a bike superstore last weekend and came across this beauty, amazing neon colours and only £50 sadly I couldn't persuade Moz to buy it // nor could I persuade him to buy the bike labelled 'bit retro' // Monday's harvest of tomatoes // a new kitchen timer to add to our ever growing collection // the apples on our tree at the allotment look beautiful at the moment, sadly they aren't very sweet.  To make our apple crumbles palatable I have to add A LOT of golden syrup, mmm golden syrup // a parsnip top!  Last year I didn't realise parsnips took an age to germinate and dug over the ground I had planted them in, this year I didn't make the same mistake.  Only 11 have come up (I planted three rows) but 11 is better than none and next year I might perfect the technique further // Thursday's harvest of tomatoes!  MozzyMr has done a great job this year //  a stripy pumpkin, or at least we think it is a pumpkin, the plant label either got blown away or a sneaky bird stole it.  It's probably a squash but I am really hoping it's a pumpkin // more sunsets they're so beautiful but might be a sign that autumn is on it's way?

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