Thursday, 19 September 2013

Istanbul: the details

// Bela brushing up on her Turkish phrases as we drive from the airport to the hotel // Mountain of meat, our meal on the first night, I ate more meat during this trip than I have in the last month // Tourism police... interesting.  // I hate to sound like an art student here but the light in Istanbul was beautiful and made everything so vibrant //

// 32 degrees celsius almost everyday, that last week of summer was just lush // I used to study diagrams as part of my degree and have never seen diagrams as awesome as these on the tram to Taksim Square // Bollards painted to look like ladybirds, awesome. // A jeton, one jeton per journey on the trams and other public transport, one jeton = £1 //
// Kitsch art! // Security around the city is intense, there are security cameras everywhere, bags are x-rayed when you enter almost every building and there was a metal detector gate into our hotel. // Medusa City Hotel... interesting // This photograph doesn't show this graffiti very well, at the top of this building cans of coloured paint were emptied down the side, I loved it! // 

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  1. Great details! It looks like it was a really interesting place to go. I love the idea of the paint dripping down the building even if the photo doesn't show it off. Must have been cool to see.


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