Friday, 27 September 2013

Reflecting upon the simple pleasures in life

These last couple of weeks have been odd, I have been exhausted and fed up and bored and I have had a lot of time to think.  Sadly I often focus on the negative and I make situations so much worse in my head simply by over analysing things.  As I begin to feel better I begin to focus on the little things in life that amuse, entertain and make me feel better.  Here is a list of the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy...

  1. A cool gin and tonic on a warm day
  2. Good company
  3. The end slice of a homemade loaf fresh from the breadmaker
  4. Finding treasure at a car boot sale or charity shop
  5. Making artwork that you think is alright
  6. Pubs by rivers
  7. Ferns, they are my new obsession
  8. Borlotti beans, dried on the plant and removed from the pod to store for winter
  9. Homemade pizza
  10. Travel, before this year I hated flying but I have been lucky enough to fly to Dublin, Bergerac, and Istanbul this year and I've loved the whole process of travelling
  11. Coffee, first thing on a Saturday morning
  12. Mewster.  She is very tactile and will climb up your leg and say hello to you every time you pass.  This time last year she hated being picked up but now she loves a little cuddle
  13. Laura from the allotment, Ruth (Nintendo DS) and Charlotte of Waterstones fame
  14. Taking a photograph you're proud of
  15. Saving money on the weekly shop and making savings in general
  16. Losing weight 
  17. Banter 
  18. Driving on a sunny day
  19. Vacuuming, yeeeah that one sounds weird but I do love how the house looks when you've just hoovered 
  20. Netflix, oh my days I have been missing out on so much!

So that's my list, what would you have on yours?


  1. Like you I focus on negative things, it's hard to always look on the bright side no matter how much you try!
    Here are my simple pleasures:
    1 My girls..... of course!
    2 Getting into bed after a long day or having an afternoon nap!
    3 Having my dinner ready when I get home from work
    4 My job, although it's very hard work & I'm frustrated about some things I like the fact that I'm helping animals rather than a big company
    5 Friends...... I don't always see people enough but I love that I can keep in touch online
    6 Making stuff!
    I'm sure there's more :) xx

    1. LOVE your list! I should probably add MozzyMr and Mewster to my list! Btw I will try and bring some goodies up to you next Saturday xxx

    2. I didn't add P did I??!!! Whoops :) I'm not in this Saturday but you're more than welcome to drop stuff in. I'm in the following one x

  2. I've never even heard of barlotti beans.

    So number one would be learning new things.
    2. A good piece of chocolate.
    3. Not having to make dinner once in a while.
    3. Fabric
    4. Sewing together cut up pieces of fabric.
    5. Getting emails from far flung friends.
    6. Having that laugh that is rare but so hard I can't breathe and I'm wheezing, crying and almost snorting. (Happened this weekend:) )
    7. Family-especially the little kids.
    8. Favorite crap shows on TV
    9. My bicycle.
    10. The Internet to see all the things people are getting up to, creating, struggling with and being human over.

    1. Ooooo a good piece of chocolate I need to add that to my list and crap TV shows for sure!!! xxx


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