Monday, 23 September 2013


So last week I was signed off work, I have had cold-like symptoms for five weeks (yeah, five weeks).  Thinking no one could have a cold for five weeks I kept a food diary, washed everything that I could (rugs, sofa covers, cushions, curtains, bedlinen, towels, cleaning cloths literally everything) and dusted every nook and cranny in the house thinking it might be an allergy, hell I was away from the country for a week and the symptoms persisted.  It's not an allergy I'm certain, the doctor thinks it's sinusitis and has given me a course of antibiotics, but they don't seem to be shifting it either and I am heading for week six of this nonsense. I think I might be a bit broken?  

Everyone thinks they are the most stressed person in the world ever and you can never judge what anyone else is truly feeling as you only have your own narrow field of experience, but things have been pretty stressful.  Everyone I come across seems drawn and hollow looking, if it isn't work stress, money stress, family stress it's too many emails, not enough vitamins, not enough sun, winter is coming etc etc.

Well for me it's time for a change, that means applying for stalls at local craft fairs, getting all those things that I keep meaning to put on ETSY up on ETSY, it means going to the studio and doing artwork, it means working on creating my first ever zine, it means going for a walk along the beaches that are so close to my home, it means drinking less, exercising more, not checking emails in the evening and just trying to put work stress out of my mind when I walk through the door.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wishing you luck-a-plenty. The etsy shop is looking good already! Hope you're feeling more like you again soon. Stress is a bugger, I think your plan of action will help focus your mind in a more creative way and help with the de-stressing, or at least different stressing. ;-)

    p.s. Mr has had a cold for 5/6 weeks too, he's all congested and headachey. You're not alone in this hell! x x x


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