Wednesday, 25 September 2013


This post is shameless, buuut sod it here I go!  Look at these postcards, seriously how awesome are these amazing scraps of cardboard?  I have collected many vintage postcards over the years, in particular technicolor style postcards for the artwork I produced during my degree.  But as mentioned in my Monday post; Broken it is time for a change.  The doctor has signed me off work for another week with strict instructions to rest up, I haven't left the house much (one trip to the shop which is a five minute walk from my home, this epic trip necessitated a two hour nap to recover) so have been clearing out the stuff we no longer use and have been listing it all on ETSY (*cough cough* if you're interested you can find our stash here).  It is proving to be very cathartic. 

Right I need to go lie down and have a nap.


  1. Hope you feel better soon lovely. You have some fab things in your Etsy shop xx

    1. Thank you bab, can't wait to see your Wednesday wishlist, every week it is like you read my mind and present all the things I want to spend my money on!! xxx


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