Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crikey It's All So Normal These Days.

Crikey.  Ever since, well after the wedding last year life has been, frankly dull.

I appreciate we're all going through the daily grind of getting up, going to work, coming home, doing the chores, eating, sleeping and repeating the whole process again and probably I shouldn't be complaining.  I have a job when others are struggling to get one, I have a lovely husband who has an ace moustache, and I'm lucky enough to have some acebag family and friends in my life, but crikey it's all so normal isn't it?

Here I have compiled a list of things to do over the next 6 months to perk things up a bit, feel free to comment or make suggestions!

  1. Make one significant and productive (i.e. more than an hour and not just a tidying up) visit to the studio per week.
  2. Get my ETSY business back up and running, one customer comment was "this is the best purchase I have ever made on ETSY" and I let my little online shop slide?  Crazy.
  3. Do a giveaway on my blog, you lot read my nonsense I really should reward you for that.
  4. Go on a daytrip once a month.  I need to rack up some more of those Middle-Age Postcards!
  5. Give at least one of my Pinterest projects a try (yeah we've all said that, right?).  If you're not already reading Pintester then you really should be, a blog about messing up the projects found on Pinterest, this will be me, I will provide photographic evidence of the disaster...
  6. Re-design my blog.
  7. Cook up a storm, or at least try one new recipe a month.  I am the weirdest cook on the planet, if it can all be boiled up in one pot in less than 20 mins that is a win in my book, things need to change!
  8. Adopt a rescue cat.  I miss Pigga, and I miss having a cat, and MozzyMr is concerned that when I'm left in the house on my own I will lure all the neighbourhood cats into our living room where I will make them have a tea party.
  9. Celebrate my 31st Birthday in style or if not in style at least with fun!
  10. Complete a charity event.
Perhaps not the most inspiring or crazy list ever but if it stops me being BORED that's all I ask for.


  1. Sounds like a plan (and some very good ones too!) You need some deadlines thrown in there though, or you know time just sucks up those plans and spits them out. x

  2. I love your list of things to do! And I love the little changes you've already made to your blog that a Habitat origami light (I forget it's name *fail*) I spy in your header picture?! xx

    1. well yes, yes it is, good spot! I don't think I'll keep that header I was just having a play it's so difficult to come up with something good if you're not a designer!

  3. Life is terribly dull sometimes! I hate getting up everyday to do the same thing :( Liking your list, I agree with Colette about deadlines xx


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