Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Neon Love

Neon pink hand painted geometric note book - Les Miniboux 10 euros (£8.11)

Neon wooden salad bowls - Wind and Willow Home $64 (£42.28)

Neon light show glasses - Candy Coated Love $18 (£11.89)

Neon Blanket - Oh This Nose $230 (£151.94)

100 Neon parcel labels - Knot and Bow $19 (£12.55)

Neon pink geometric container - Waterstone Succulents $17 (£9.91)

I love neon.  Seriously, when I was young, very young I used to measure how 'cool' I was by how many items I owed that were neon, so when neon burst back on the scene I was over the moon!  The list above is a small collection of all the items I want to own.

Notepad: Les Miniboux
Salad bowls: Wind and Willow Home
Glasses: Candy Coated Love
Blanket: Oh This Nose
Labels: Knot and Bow
Container: Waterstone Succulents

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for picking my notepad ! I love the items you picked, these bowls by wind & willow are just perfect !
    Thanks again,
    Julie - Les Miniboux


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