Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Cat on the Block

This is the new cat on the block.  She doesn't have a name yet despite MozzyMr pushing hard to call her "Supertube" (yeah I know, I don't really get it either).  This little beasty was abandoned, how could anyone not love those big eyes?  My colleague found her wandering about looking like she could do with a good meal and a cuddle.  She had no identichip or collar so after a couple of weeks, lots of posters, the vets across the region being informed and trying to find the owner, notices on the Cat Protection and RSPCA websites no one came forward to claim her.  

The vet she was taken to was the vet I had little pigga registered at and so my colleague and the vets thought  that we might like to home her.  Part of me thinks it might be a bit soon after we lost Pigga, but equally I'm a sucker for a sob story and after 48 hours of having her home it has been great to have a mewster buddy to hang out with.  She's taken a real shine to MozzyMr but I hoping a bit of ham bribery might re-address the balance a little?  

So the things I love about her so far?  Her white fur around her mouth at certain angles looks like a hipster moustache, her paws have a mixture of pink and black pads no two paws are the same, her meow sounds like an 80's phone and she's confident; from the moment she stepped out of the cat carrier she was off exploring, no running under the bed and hiding for this one.


  1. She's a beauty!! What about Kitty Purr? I did like Bekah's idea of Topsy.... a nice sensible name!! x

    1. I really, really, really like Topsy or Gizmo because she sounds like a Gremlin, but Moz exercises his right to veto on all the names I come up with. But then I have veto'd Supertube...


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