Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Is it Spring yet?

I love, love, love winter. 

Until Christmas is over and then I get antsy to see the first signs of spring.  It being a mild winter the bluebells in my garden have started to come out, but so I can keep an eye on the progress of Spring I brought this one home for the kitchen.  Something nice to look at whilst doing the washing up!


  1. love the second picture!

    Taking our tree down tomorrow - I usually hate it after about the 28th, think I'll miss it when it goes this time.

    p.s. dried pine needles are great for blueberry bushes - keep them if it's not too late! x

  2. LOVE allotment talk ha ha! We've bought a cherry tree got very excited then heard it's roots are really disruptive, boo.


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