Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mum makes!

I'm sure I've mentioned in this blog before how my parents moved from the family home to a flat last year and in all of the downsizing ALOT of things were thrown out or sold.  We went over to their house to help out with a garage sale before they moved and I found this doll in amongst the toys to be sold.  Now I can't remember her name because she was mine when I was very, very young but I do know mum made it for me and I'm glad I had the opportunity to save her from being sold.  She sits on my chest of drawers where I get to see her everyday.

Any ideas what I should name her?  I honestly don't know what would suit her!


  1. I think she's either a Judith or a Miranda x

  2. She definately needs a slightly old fashioned name, love the suggestions ladies, thank you! x x x

  3. an old fashioned name defo .


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