Sunday, 8 January 2012

Allotment prep for spring

Saturday was great.  Every first Saturday of the month after 12 noon we're allowed to hold a bonfire at the allotment.  Being the first of the year we thought we would make a bit of a celebration of it, so we prepared homemade soup, rustic bread and a cheeky tipple or two...

MozzyMr got the fire going with some of the weeds and general detritus we've gathered up whilst preparing the allotment for spring.

Once the fire got going and the sun started to set we were grateful for the warmth it was pumping out!

A number of friends and their children joined us so there were plenty of shouts of "Train!" (as we're right next to the track and they go by every half an hour or so), sticks and digging holes in the mud.

Of course there was a little something for the adults to help keep the cold at bay, the hip flask; most useful allotment item to date.  Having said that next Saturday the scarecrows mum and dad bought us for Christmas are going to go up, at the moment they malevolently guard the hallway and freak the cat out.

So excited to be preparing the allotment for sowing hopefully as early as February.  Having crossed the "old" line some time ago I have no qualms settling down with a hot chocolate and a fruit and veg seed catalogue.  So far we've ordered golden beetroot, zebra and black tomatoes, purple potatoes, butternut squash, yellow courgettes, sweetcorn, and lots of chilli's.  Nom nom.

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