Monday, 16 January 2012

In an attempt to make life more colourful

On New Year's eve I made a number of resolutions for the coming year, one of which was to wear more colour.  Here are my attempts so far....

Very much getting into wearing coloured tights, personally I blame Mary Portas. 

The red dress, a January sale purchase from ASOS.  It's almost a bit too short, when I wear it at work I have to be very demure when picking stuff up off the floor.

The mustard yellow jumper.  This was a Next sale purchase, I'd been toying with buying this jumper for yonks but at £30 it was much more than I would usually spend on a jumper.  But lo!  During the post Christmas, pre-New Year lull I found it in the next sale for a mere £14, happy with that.  (The maple brooch was a £1 car boot sale find, oh and I don't usually wear a stripy t-shirt underneath it.)


  1. Looking lovely :) I'm loving wearing colours! x

  2. Yay! Will have to wear something suitably colourful tomorrow :)

  3. I must try and wear more colour too - all those years of wearing black day in, day out, have taken their toll on all of us!

    I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award for up and coming bloggers Anna. Congratulations!

    x x

  4. Oooh love all the colours - and you are wearing tights, apart from the big day I've never even seen you in a skirt / dress!! x


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