Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Drawings (things can only get better)

As you may have read in my New Year resolutions post I am attempting to draw everyday to inject a bit of creativity back into my life.  The drawings are.... not as good as I would like but practice does make perfect.

I've been dismantling Christmas so the tree has been a bit of a focus especially when naked, still very beautiful though:

The downside?  I now have a living room full of needles and a cat that insists on rolling in them, cue lots of rummaging in the cat's fur to stop her doing herself a damage.

House and acorn bauble (I know the acorn isn't that recognisable but I'm still new at this!)

Benedicts Bittermint regret!  I ate them like they were going out of fashion, they've gone now I can have fruit and veg again:

New allotment must, hip flask!  When you've done a lot of digging on a frosty day nothing is better than a slug of whisky (MozzyMr's choice), port (my choice).

One of the things I've enjoyed most over the Christmas holiday is hanging out with little pigga, she has been a sofa and lap stable these last couple of weeks.  When she realised we were going back to work she got all sulky and wouldn't come near us.  Tuna soon fixed that.

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  1. I love your drawings Anna! Simple but effective: the best type of drawing I think. I wish I could draw x


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