Thursday, 26 January 2012

Argh too much stuff!

I own too much stuff, and MozzyMr is worse he won't throw anything away which means I have to throw/donate/sell twice the amount of stuff to stop our house becoming overcrowded, claustrophobic and a bloody nightmare to clean!  I've reached breaking point, it's time to get rid of stuff and get ready for spring.

First to go: magazines.  Love em.  Buy far too many and whilst I do pass many onto friends I keep loads, sometimes for just one picture or article so I searched the house for all of the stashes I've hidden away.

Cue ruthless ripping out of pages, editing and throwing the chaff in the recycling...

Follow this with lots of cutting out and sticking in a scrapbook, I can't say I've created a work of art here but at least all of those bits that I've been saving to look at one day are in one place and in some sort of order.  Plus I can keep adding to it and have it as a journal of all the things that caught my eye.


  1. That looks like soooooo much fun - I always enjoy such tasks. Bring a couple for the girls at the weekend? I won't let them near my pretties with a pair of scissors! And the little one LOVES to cut out, for hours on end...
    Good luck with a declutter, though I'm on MozzyMr's side ;) xx

    1. Damn you Mozzy's and your hoarding ways *shakes fist*!! I'll see if the magazines have been binned yet and will try and bring some up :)

  2. I'm so glad someone else sticks magazine cut-outs in scraps books besides me :) x x


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