Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Another photographer in the family?

At the weekend MozzyMr and I travelled up North to Lichfield to celebrate our Jim's birthday.  Everyone was there to celebrate including our lovely nieces.  Little big niece was sadly poorly and not on her usual good form, Little small niece was full of smiles and had lots of fun with my camera.  To begin with we had lots of photos with fingers over the lens but then she really got the hang of things.  Here are a selection of her photographs, I think you'll agree she's got some real potential I hope it is something she explores further (she's only 4!).

I love that she went off and took photos of the toys she loves, she also got the best portraits of the family including this one of MozzyMr.


  1. I'm quite impressed!!! Oh how things look different from down low, at least I know what to get her as a present now x x

    1. You've got such a clever B.A.B there, what a talent! How's Little Big doing?

  2. They're better then my photo's!! Love the ones of the toys :) xx


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