Thursday, 20 February 2014

Resolutions in review

Keeping a monthly check on my New Year resolutions is definitely helping me to keep them and to be mindful of them when I make decisions.  Here is how February has been going:

  1. Be in the moment.  I have really failed at this in February.  It has been a busy month and by the time I get home, have done the washing up or cooking I flake out on the sofa and surf the internet.  Surfing the internet isn't even something I find that interesting but it's easy to do and I just switch my brain off when I do it.  Having said this I am 25 days into my meditation programme and finding it really beneficial.  Looking forward to March I am going to unplug more and do more drawing or planting (we are on the cusp of seed season!).
  2. Take every opportunity to exercise.  BOOM!  This one is going well, netball has been continuing and I've added a weekly Body Combat session to my regime.  I'm loving it, and loving the results.
  3. Be organised about lunches.  Damn I'm still rubbish at this, whilst I do make the odd blindingly awesome soup I don't do it on a regular enough basis so find myself still buying sandwiches at work which are never that healthy.  It's always easier to cook more veg-tastic food when we're yielding the results from the allotment but with the weather being the way it has not much is growing.  I did read there is a 75% chance of the summer of 2014 being the hottest on record... we'll see shall we?
  4. Reconnect with friends.  Combining my socialising with my exercising has been a big win and really motivating.  I don't groan at the thought of going to a class because I will see my gorgeous friends there.  Not only that but I have discovered a mutual love of cinema going with my friends Derfel and Iain, it is becoming a weekly treat, one I enjoy more than just sitting in a pub :)
  5. Allotment time.  Not a chance.  Seriously?  These storms are a joke!  To keep our hand in though we have been planning which seeds we need to plant and when, and the windowsills have been filling up with trays of seedlings.
  6. Seek out culture.  I think my cinema visits count for this resolution.  I've seen The Lego Movie, 12 Years a Slave, August: Osage County and Dallas Buyers Club most of them I've really enjoyed, my favourite being The Lego Movie.  Not only that I took my friend Mel up to see The Drowned Man on Sunday, it was her first visit and she seemed to enjoy it, in fact we're already planning a return visit (another convert!), perhaps with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour while we're there?
  7. Be more efficient with chores.  I've been trying hard to tidy up a little every day and do one or two chores each day rather than having to make a big effort at the weekend.  On the whole the house has been a lot tidier and therefore a nicer place to be.  This weekend I'm going to tackle the boxes of MozzyMr's childhood fodder which have been on the landing for months, I'm sick of sidling past them, grrr.

How have your resolutions been going?  If you are blogging about them leave me a link in the comments I would love to read all about them.

Anna x


  1. Hey fitness buddy. What was Osage: August County like? I really want to see it. See you later for some balls and nets xx

  2. I need to do a monthly check on mine, time goes so fast doesn't it? I've completed a few things but it's so easy to get bogged down in day to day stuff :( Wish I could play netball!! xx


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