Sunday, 2 February 2014


I'm not an everyday poster when it comes to #100happydays, and in fact some days I think I might post a couple photos with the #100happydays tag but meh it's my gig I'm going to tag as I like :)  So here are my next batch of ten photos, you can find photos 1-10 here, enjoy!

11.  I spotted these at the till in Aldi, I love it when spring and Easter themed bits and bobs come out in the shops they add some much needed colour to winter!

12.  In line with my New Year resolution to do more cultural things the tickets are stacking up behind ticket dog!

13.  Boozy Saturday nights playing Scrabble with two gorgeous people, perfect!

14. Lazy Sunday afternoons making batches of sweet potato, leek, ginger and garlic soup - delicious and much appreciated on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes!

15. Hello Kitty green bean flavoured cake... very pretty but sadly not the tastiest thing in all the world.  They were a gift from a lovely colleague who had been working in Thailand.

16. Attending a photoshoot on campus for a new brochure currently in production.  A perfect Friday afternoon activity for a very slow week at work.

17. Coralianus live streamed to the Picture House, I liked it a lot.  Mark Gatiss once again was my favourite, I love the way he is able to de-mystify Shakespeare making it more accessible.

18.  Oh my days Friday night was perfect this week, slouchy, comfy clothes, a delicious takeaway and a drop or two of cider.  

19. Warming cups of coffee on a Saturday morning before heading off to the allotment.  Perfect.

20. I couldn't let ten days pass on the #100happydays journey pass without a photo of Mewster, she is a little bit poorly today and taking things easy.  Hopefully she will be on the mend soon x

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  1. It's hard to find something everyday isn't it? I would tag pictures of my girls everyday if I could, they always make me happy :) x


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