Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Allotment geekery

Ever since Christmas I think there has been either a storm or heavy rain shower every day making time on the allotment scarce.  Happily on Saturday there was enough of a break in the rain for MozzyMr and I to get the new incinerator (an early Birthday present from MoMa and MoPa to MozzyMr) out and give it a whirl...

Before we could get started we had to sit out a heavy rain shower in the car, it didn't last long and we took a moment to listen to the radio.  We're really stacking up marks on the middle age bingo card aren't we?? 

There has been much debate between MozzyMr and I over what to call the incinerator (we name everything) I started off calling it the beast but Moz didn't like that.  We have settled for Bernard or Bernie to his friends... get it?  Bernie....?

Feeding Bernie weeks and weeks worth of weeds, the Christmas tree, paperwork and cardboard.  Whilst Bernie was doing his thing we set to cutting back the apple tree, Bernie is so efficient you can pop green wood in there and within ten minutes it will dry the wood out and burn it as if it had been dried for weeks.  This may not seem like a big deal but will in actual fact help us clear down the allotment more efficiently, and efficiency we like!

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  1. ooh I love Bernie :) I used to have one but it's hard in a built up area. I bet it smelt lovely xx


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