Friday, 28 February 2014

Life lately

1. Things getting serious last Saturday...
2. My first (but by no means last) attempt at baked cheesecake, so nom
3. Fleeting visits to London and finding a completely empty tube station, never seen that before!
4. Mewster hiding amongst the towels in the airing cupboard
5. Mewster selfie using the Catsnaps app!
6. Mewster (again!) snuggling into a sleeping bag, forgetting her tongue is hanging out
7. Buying special trainer socks and being perturbed that they have 'L' and 'R' embroidered into them...
8. These have seen some hard graft recently, I will be beach ready, I will be beach ready!
9. Pulling a calf muscle badly enough I had to hobble about like a pirate for five days. Le Sigh.

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