Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Following last Friday's news the 100 Happy Days project has taken on a new significance for me, Gretchen Rubin in her Happiness Project says it is easier to be heavy than light, i.e. it's easier to lean towards the negative than it is to appreciate the positive.  During the difficult times projects like this can seem a little superficial, but I think there is value in actively seeking the positive in everyday life.

Here are days 21 - 30, if you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me here.

21. A pop of yellow from some daffodils my mum gave me, with all the grey weather we've been having these have been very welcome!

22. Mewster was off her food for a few days, this is very rare for her, touch wood we haven't had any issues with her health so when she was sick and then spent a couple of days looking very sorry for herself we were really concerned.  Happily a bit of rest and slowly giving her larger and larger portions of food until she was back to her normal portion size seems to have sorted her out.  She's back to her speed eating, snorting little self again. 

23. Post nap sleepy eyes.

24. With all the rain and storms there has been no time to get to the allotment.  All the grass and weeds we laboured to get rid of are slowly creeping back in, but with the ground so sodden there is no point trying to dig it out the soil is too heavy.  But these fab pink stalks of rhubarb are making it,  hopefully the broad beans I put in earlier in the season stand a chance as well!

25. In an attempt to engage with more culture I have been going to the cinema on a fairly regular basis.  My friend and I went to see Dallas Buyers Club last Monday, when we turned the corner into the cinema we realised we were the only ones there! 

26. Netball is fast becoming my favourite form of exercise.  The group I play with are lovely and include two of my ex-habitat colleagues, all of our competitive edges are beginning to show though so the weeks ahead will be interesting...

27. Every single day I refresh Mewster's water bowl and every day she insists on drinking from the bath tub, the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink and from any glasses of water you may leave unattended.  Poor deprived puss cat!

28. Last Sunday my friend Mel and I travelled up to London to see The Drowned Man.  The sun shined and there were zero problems with the trains, happy days!

29. The sunflower room, part of the set on The Drowned Man it took me until my fourth visit to find it (despite all of my friends finding it on their first visit).  The visit proved a great distraction and taking the opportunity to meet up with my brother was good too.  Visit five is already booked in for March!
30. Decorating the living room for MozzyMr's Birthday.  Years ago I bought my nieces some Charlie and Lola biscuit bunting, whilst I was at it I bought some for myself but haven't used it until now.  What with using up the Hello Kitty wrapping paper I had left over (I bought a massive roll of it thinking it would be great for the nieces only to discover one Birthday in they had outgrown Hello Kitty.  As such MozzyMr has had Hello Kitty wrapping paper every Birthday since) and the biscuit bunting it actually looked like I had organised a little girl's tea party.  Hey ho.

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  1. Lovely pictures, it's getting harder to find something everyday! xx


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