Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Further Allotment Geekery

So this Saturday we extended our allotment empire by one raised bed, a mere raised bed?  Yep, but this bad boy is in a polytunnel which means tomatoes, chillies, and peppers galore!

We're plot 16 on the right in between two experts: Rodney and Liz (they already have seedlings on the go, this may not sound much but I haven't even finished digging over the rest of the plot).

Mmmmm new top soil (yeah you heard me).

And finally garlic (ignore the weeds they've gone now), just waiting for a frost to split the cloves. 

Well that's quite a lot of excitement for one day...... ta ra for now.


  1. A polytunnel, how exciting! A little bit of allotment envy here now. x

    1. We got the last plot we were really lucky, I'd like to have my own greenhouse but they're quite expensive

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, thinking of having an allotment party when the weather gets better, come down and join us for a cider x


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