Friday, 5 August 2011

Wedding Day

After a year of planning, our wedding day finally arrived, the weather was good, things were casual, friends and family mingled......

..... the kids had their own dressing up yurt:

..... confetti bags were distributed:

..... we had a Portland Street reunion:

...Squeezes from family:

.... musical interludes from friends:

.... and some overindulgence:

What can I say?  Accept thank you to our family and friends for helping out and making the day as casual and fun as we wanted it to be, thank you to West Town Farm for an amazing location to celebrate, lovely smiley staff, gorgeous food and patience, thank you to our friends who came to the ceremony and lunchtime do, for mingling with strangers and making new friends, for showing our family exactly why we love you, thank you to my lovely bridesmaids for dancing like loons, and twirling for England, thank you to my mum for her tireless scouting of enamelware jugs, cake stands and for creating amazing floral displays, thank you to Colette for bringing to life my perfect wedding dress, thank you to Mary for knitting and crocheting some amazing flowers which just went down a storm, thank you to Lynne for fixing banners, making napkin rings and bringing a smile to the stressful preparations and thank you to my new husband for keeping me sane and for not judging my bourbon biscuit habit too harshly.


  1. Thank you for a fabulously casual handmade gorgeous wedding with some amazing people! We had a wonderful time, just been looking though our pictures, will send you some soon. x

  2. ooo yay can't wait to see them :) Holidays are shattering I don't think we've recovered yet!! x x x x


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