Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Yes actually, I will throw my toys out of the pram, and no I haven't found my shorts yet.

This week I have mostly been grumpy.  Which is wrong so near to getting married, but... the house is a mess, I veg pealed off a chunk of my nail that had just been manicured, we haven't sorted the music for the wedding, we haven't ordered the alcohol, I have to clean said messy house from top to bottom in preparation of impending relative invasion, and (!) I can't find my god damn shorts.  The house has eaten them and it's really annoying me.  So imagine me with the following look on my face:

It's mostly my fault the house is messy, I have unfinished craft projects all over the house:

and the allotment is taking up a lot of our time, with it being so dry my lovely plants are thirsty, the bounty is good though:

and to be fair I have finished the children's colouring-in books:

and Sam has finished the blackberry vodka, which is so so tasty, and therefore very dangerous!

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