Monday, 8 August 2011

The drunk ramblings of friends...

"Anna - you make the most beautiful bride and Sam, you are a lucky fellon"

"I actually factually love the both of you [...] Portland Street Soulies Rule!"

"Sunflowers, marriage and wonderful news,
A dress magnifique with mustard shoes,
Cupcakes and crochet, camping delight,
To see you together it's clear that it's right,
Wishing you love and a future that's joint,
Seeing your union somes up the 'point'"

"Hey Dudes! What a lovely day!  Thanks so much for the Widecombe badge, I've waited along time for one of those!"

"You bloody Gems! What a lovely vibe, entirely what it should be about!"

"To Auntie Anna, thank you for the tractor ride"

"Best wishes and lovely horses"

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