Wednesday, 31 August 2011

In praise of the colour green!

MozzyMr and I regularly fall into that horrible weekend trap of doing chores and not a lot else so have decided to take days out as often as possible.  Whilst in Cornwall on our honeymoon mini-break we visited Portreath Bee Centre, which in equal measure is awesome and rubbish, and this bank holiday Monday we visited Lydford Gorge with the idea of getting some fresh air and nature goodness.

I channeled my inner billy goat and swallowed the fear as we sidled along slim rock paths whilst clinging onto a flimsy rail in an attempt not to fall into the angry torrent of a river just inches from our feet, we marvelled at the terrifying noise of the 'Devil's Cauldron' and of course bought and ate fudge.  No one told me a National Trust day out would be like this??

Next on the day out agenda: Pack O'Cards, Coombe Martin.

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  1. Nothing beats a day out rather than doing chores! x


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