Friday, 26 August 2011

Fuzzy felt fabulous!

I found a Fuzzy Felt zoo set at the car boot sale the other day, I never had such ace Fuzzy Felt when I was little, mine were all squares and triangles, perhaps the odd person but never a cheetah:

or zebra:

or tiger:

I am beginning to think that by the end of Mozzy Mr and my life our house is going to become something akin to the Pitt Rivers museum essentially a vast collection of stuff, sometimes organised into little groups but more often than not just left on the side.  But always interesting to look at and certain to put a smile on your face, so that's got to be a good thing.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone hope the rain doesn't fall on you!


  1. I had a Muppet set of Fuzzy Felt, hours of lovely fun. It's probably in the loft actually, must dig it out! x

  2. ooooo you know I'll want to have a nose at that!!

  3. ahhh isnt the pitt rivers museum just the best place ever?! shrunken heads, shrunken heads!

  4. I love fuzzy felt! Great find :) x


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