Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday projects

As much as I truly loved crafting things for our wedding come the end I dreamt of projects that were totally wedding free.  So here is the beginning of project one of two that I am working on, a yo-yo blanket inspired endeavour (thinking placemats and coasters?) and the beauty of this project is that I can transport it with me whether I choose to roam. 

The fabric as ever is from Fabricworm.


  1. Nice fabrics - have fun!

    Liking the new look - but what is that flying in the sky? It's bugging me.

  2. Came over for tea via the lovely Colette's blog. Very much enjoyed the wedding shots (congrats by the way) and am looking forward to seeing the yo-yo project in all it's green glory. Love a yo-yo!
    Take care, Ali xx

  3. Sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished blanket :) x

  4. Hi there! ...had to come and visit the girl with the mustard wedding shoes and the gorgeous dress made by Colette :) What a magical day was had..such lovely photos...I could feel the good vibes all the way up here!
    Gorgeous green material too...I'm away to google "yoyo blanket"!! :)x

  5. Hello everyone, it's nice to have you here commenting away! Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, yo-yo blanket is going to be a much bigger project than I had first thought but I am determined to carry on!!


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