Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy Shepherd Hut Holiday Postcard

Mozzy Mr and I didn't go on a honeymoon, we're saving up for a deposit on a house (ahh the eternal struggle, right?) so instead decided to spend a couple nights in a shepherd's hut in Cornwall (specifically Moyles Farm near Wadebridge).  It was great.  The only tiny niggle was that we were surrounded by a large family of Bentley and Land Rover driving Tarquin's and Felix's who found us 'worker types' most interesting.  You can't have everything I suppose!

Our small, but perfectly formed home:

The all important supplies:

Juliet moment?

The beautiful Port Isaac, where scrumpy flavoured rock, vanilla fudge, flip flops, pasties, postcards, and gifts were purchased:

King Arthur's Stone (apparently) found in the Arthurian Legend centre, imagine: tin-roofed shed with amateur paintings of knights, mead, an enthusiastic sign maker with a laminate machine and procession of bored teenagers, that my friends equals an awesome day out:

Yo-yo blanket project didn't even get a look in, there was a pool table, and there was cider.


  1. Good to see the Mr is treating you right with such luxury!! x

  2. Looks lovely.... & if there was cider it must have been great!! x


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