Tuesday, 1 April 2014

For the love of travel and adventure

I cannot believe we are sneaking into April already, but everyone says that right?  In May MozzyMr and I go on an adventure so my mind is turning to the chic accessories I *must* have for our travels...

  1. I don't actually have my ears pierced but if I did I would definitely wear these to signify my spirit of adventure...
  2. Because Kindles deserve to look chic too
  3. A completely impractical but neither-the-less gorgeous wooden suitcase.. I need every gram of baggage allowance I can get so this just won't do..
  4. Because new adventures need new handbags (this is where MozzyMr opens the cupboard to show me all of my other 'must have' handbags)
  5. I have aspirations of trips and adventures galore so we will need a beautiful map to pin our destinations to.
  6. I'd never considered solid perfume sticks but this ETSY shop seems to have an awesome array of scents so I'm going to give it a go (it helps that the packaging is cute too).
  7. It's not possible to have too many notebooks, and for adventures you can't just use any old notebook you have to have at least one, even better two with you...
  8. I need a new toiletries bag, and this one fits the bill perfectly.
  9. I really don't need a new passport cover but if I did..

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  1. You always need a new handbag for a holiday! Lovely things :) xx


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