Thursday, 24 April 2014

Resolutions in review

April has proven to be yet another hectic month, but neither-the-less awesome!  In previous years my New Year resolutions have been vague and I had made them knowing I was unlikely to maintain them so I'm really happy that this year my resolutions are achievable, here is how I've been doing:

  1. Be in the moment.  I find it's easier to be in the moment in spring and summer, it feels like there is so much to notice and appreciate especially on the allotment as you are surrounded by new growth and lush foliage.  Whilst the first quarter of the year was spent travelling about April has been more home based.  (Having said that I did squeeze one London visit in.)  The allotment has needed a lot of our attention which is a great opportunity to spend time with MozzyMr.
  2. Take every opportunity to exercise.  Oh what have I become?  I never thought I would be the person to say this but... I love going to the gym.  I love the classes I do, and the netball I play, the people I go with and the people I've met by going.  On top of that all the digging on the allotment is certainly improving my upper body strength (which is good because frankly I had none).
  3. Be organised about lunches.  Well I am consistently failing at this, I have no motivation to make soups, salads or sandwiches at the moment and work have started stocking some amazing wraps which are sooo delicious.  Must try harder at this resolution in May.
  4. Reconnect with friends.  I have had two amazing trips to London, the first with my lovely friends Mel and Bonny and the second with my equally lovely friends (although I doubt they would describe themselves that way) Iain and Derfel.  I took all four of them to The Drowned Man, two are now complete converts and two are neutral leaning towards mildly interested.  On Good Friday I got to spend time with my childhood friend, there was cider, sunshine and the cutest dog called Maggie it was a great afternoon.
  5. Allotment time.  We've been doing well on this one, lots and lots of digging, whilst the plot still looks overgrown it is certainly improving.  We have our broad beans, garlics and onions in already and we have spinach, broccoli, tomato, pumpkin, butternut squash, cauliflower, beetroot, borlotti bean, runner bean and spinach beet seedlings on the way.  Over the weekend I am going to get the parsnips and carrots in the ground.
  6. Seek out culture.  In addition to what seem to be my monthly visits to The Drowned Man we also went to see the musical Billy Elliot, I don't normally choose to see musicals but I really enjoyed this one and would recommend it.  We were in the cheap seats high up in the gods, the view was great but the leg room was spine destroying!
  7. Be more efficient with chores.  I now have those antibac wipes in almost every room in the house so that when I have a couple of spare minutes I have do a quick dust or give the shower a quick wipe.  The big chores still bunch up towards the weekend but to be fair my chore routine is becoming more streamlined and time efficient (fun huh?)

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