Sunday, 27 April 2014

Apps I love!

I doubt many of the apps I list here will be a new find for many of you, but these are my current favourites so I thought I would share them with you!

My brother recommended Device 6 to me, described as being 'A surreal thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator.' it is basically a text based strategy game.  It comes as a welcome respite from the mindlessness of Candy Crush, Farm Saga and the rest of that ilk of game, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is so challenging, real mind bending stuff!! 

Ha!  So Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is next on my list mostly because it is ridiculous, funny, pointless, good to look at and strategic.  MozzyMr and I are currently in an unspoken battle to level up the quickest, he is of course winning but I'm not far behind, do you think anyone will mind if I put in a couple sneaky minutes here and there during meetings?  Yeah, maybe not.

Evernote.  Ahh Evernote, I've had this app on my phone for a while and I've just added it to my work iPad because it is ridiculously useful.  You can store everything on this app, lists, useful links, photos, memos, reminders etc.  This app was recommended to me via the app store for quite a while before I finally downloaded it, I just didn't really understand why it was useful as I had apps for notes and reminders already but actually it keeps it all in one place with a really great user friendly interface that works for all my work and personal tasks.  As long as I don't lose my phone or iPad I should be fine.... 

Spotify.  At the start of the year I tidied up a lot of the apps that I subscribed to but just didn't use, such as the Mollie Makes magazine ireader, Netflix and others as they no longer represented good value for money.  I previously had a free spotify account but let it lapse so was a bit dubious about setting up a new account and paying the monthly subscription but actually having an account has proven successful for me.  I have Spotify on my work computer, phone and iPad so my music is synced to all of my devices and I can listen to it wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.  As I walk to work and listen to music whilst at work via headphones this is a real bonus, it also allows me to follow many of my Facebook friends and listen to their public playlists.  It turns out my friends have great taste and have introduced me to Jackson and His Computer Band, White Denim as well as The Drowned Man soundtrack which someone painstakingly compiled!

Big surprise!  Bloglovin is on my list.  To be fair I couldn't exclude this obvious app from my list because I do really love it, I think the simple display is perfect for browsing my list of blog reads and looks great on the iPhone plus managing my reading list is really easy.  

I am a massive fan of ASOS and buy the majority of my clothes from this site, it is the only clothing shop whose app I still have on my devices I've tried the New Look and Next ones (amongst others) but haven't liked the fussy interface and clunky nature of them.  The ASOS app is easy to use (too easy sometimes, bye bye pay check, bye bye!) and I really love the style compilations they have on it.  

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