Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My A-Z of books

This week is 'I' for Irvine Welsh.  Believe it or not Irvine Welsh marked my transition from teen fiction to adult fiction, and boy was that a transition...

Irvine Welsh wrote Trainspotting but The Acid House was the first of his books that I read.  When I was at secondary school our English teacher had a poster for The Acid House in his classroom, I chanced upon it in a bookshop when I was on a daytrip with my mum.  Boy was this book an eye opener, be assured if my mum had known the content of it she wouldn't have bought it for me.  Well anyway, at the start of each English lesson we would have ten minutes of reading time whilst reading The Acid House my jaw hit the desk, my friends wanted to take a look.... that caused quite a stir.  Long story short the book was confiscated until the end of my time at school.  I did read the rest of Irvine Welsh's books and enjoyed them.. angry man that he is. 

Here is a recap of my A-Z so far:

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  1. That's a bit of a kicker - an English teacher having a poster for the book on their wall, and then your book being confiscated! Oddness.


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