Thursday, 3 April 2014


March was awesome and it looks like April is shaping up to be pretty damn fine too, I'm having no trouble finding things to fill my #100happydays posts!  Here are days 51 - 60:

51: Yuck!  A selfie.  I never take selfies but I did on this occasion because I kicked it at the gym doing a hour of Body Combat followed by an hour of overly competitive Netball.  I was a BEAST!  My usually straight/neat fringe escaped into a curly mess the more I sweated it.

52: What a TOP night out at Exeter Phoenix seeing the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show.  Apologies for the poor quality photo, the room was steamed up with everyone dancing and jumping about to some pretty awesome tunes.  It just so happened that most of my social groups were there that night, I felt like a social butterfly.  Loved it!

53: At the recent Crikey It's Vintage fair (which had moved to Exeter Castle) there were a selection of gorgeous vintage cars and some amazing stalls.  I treated myself to a ring and hung out with MoMa who had a stall.

54: I love my 3D map of Europe, I bought it at the car boot sale for a bargain 50p!  It was in it's original but tatty packaging, usually I just don't take stuff out of it's packaging but I really wanted this out on display.

55: Another Cat Snaps selfie of Mewster, she was playing with the app for ages, I love the look of concentration in her eyes!

56: Bit of a weird one, but seeing those classes at the gym stack up as 'attended' is so motivating.  Seeing myself sweating in those horrendous studio mirrors is a struggle but if I keep at it I won't hate what I see in those mirrors so much!

57: Ha ha ha!  Yep another The Drowned Man snap.  You really shouldn't take photos but I was in a hidden room (you have to crawl through a tunnel to get to it) and there was no one in the room for me to spoil the play for so I took a cheeky snap.  Trip 7 lined up for next week then that's it for a while, I need to build up the hunger again.

58: Gorgeous vintage books at a stall on the South Bank in London, I got to hang out with my lovely sister-in-law and nieces on Saturday.  The sun was shining, we had cake it was great!

59: Another snap from the South Bank in London, right next to the National Theatre is this fab structure which looked so vivid against the blue sky.  I love the shadows of the people walking across the bridge above us.

60: I found The Moomin Shop in Covent Garden, instead of buying a mug which no doubt I will break I bought a set of Moomin tea spoons.  This way I get to enjoy them every-time I have a cup of coffee or a pudding!

#100happydays round up:

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